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  • You understand who I am and how I can help you.
    You contact me either by email, or phone, or by the contact form.

  • Then I personally or my manager will contact you on ASAP basis and identify the tasks, etxta info and the costs.

  • You prepay 50% or 100% and since then, congratulations, you become my client. If I can't do it, I don't take your order. So simple.

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Promotion!  I can teach English/Russian to your Employees! 110 UAH / up to 10 people

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Equipment for simultaneous interpretation
Starting from 10 sets and more

To order translation
of written documents

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I would like to invite professional 3D photografers with professional equipment, costs of which starts from $2,000+ !

If you:

- eager to work and achieve,

- young and energetic

- know how to meet deadline terms

- respect personality and labour of other team members

call me - perhaps we can find a way to cooperate!!!

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